Layali Lebnan recipe

Layali Lebnan

Layali Lebnan

Layali Lubnan ( aka Layali Lebnan ) – Lebanese Nights Dessert

A very popular well-known dessert not only in Lebanon, but throughout the Middle East. This tasty lebanese Semolina Pudding recipe can be whipped up quickly, then it chills in the fridge until you are ready to dig in.

It’s an amazingly aromatic dessert that is quite refreshing in summer time. It has a rich complex taste stemming from the orange blossom water.

At its base is a soft, yet sliceable semolina pudding, that’s then covered with a layer of arabic whipped cream, topped with a layer of coarsely ground fresh pistachios, and finally drizzled with an orange blossom-scented syrup. Traditional versions are almost always garnished with pistachios, but sometimes almonds or walnuts are sprinkled on top, as well.

Sugar Syrup Recipe 
Whipped Cream Recipe 

– 1 liter Milk
– 1 cup of semolina (fine or medium)
– 4 Tbsp Sugar
– 1 Tsp Orange blossom water
– coarsely ground fresh pistachio

Layali Lebnan

1. Put the milk, semolina, & sugar in a pot, and stir continuously on medium low flame till the consistency thickens.
2. Add the orange blossom water and stir for another two minutes.
3. Pour into your serving dish/s, allow to cool down in the fridge.
* In the meanwhile prepare the Arabic milk cream, and let it cool down in the fridge.
4. When the pudding sets, spread the Arabic whipped cream on top.
5. Right before serving sprinkle pistachios and drizzle it with sugar syrup.

Enjoy 🙂

Tips from Kumin-

You can serve Layali Lebnan in small cups/bowls or you can lay the pudding in a tray and then cut it into pieces. The pudding can last 3-5 days in the fridge, but if you are planning keeping it that long you may want to keep the whipped cream in a separate container and add it only for serving.

Serve cold or at room temperature. YUMMY!

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Layali Lebnan – Libanesischen Dessert 

Layali Lubnan ( Aka Layali Lebnan ) – Libanesische Nächte

Es ist sehr beliebte Dessert nicht nur in Libanon, sondern auch überall in der Levante. Dieses köstliche libanesische Grießpudding Rezept ist sehr schnell zubereitet, dann es im Kühlschrank abgekühlt wird, bis du bereit zu graben bist.

Es ist ein erstaunliches aromatisches Dessert, das sehr erfrischend im Sommer ist.

An der Basis ist ein weicher, aber noch schneidbarer Griesspudding. Mit einer Schicht von Arabischen Schlagsahne bedeckt, und mit grob gemahlenen frischen Pistazien gekrönt, und endlich mit Orangenblüten-duftender Sirup betrunken. Traditionelle Versionen sind immer mit Pistazien garniert, aber auch manchmal werden Mandeln oder Walnüsse auf die Oberseite verziert.

Zuckersirup Rezept
Milchcream Rezept 

– 1 Liter Milch
– 200 g feiner Grieß
– 4 EL Zucker
– 1 TL Orangenblütenwasser
– Grob gemahlene frische Pistazie

Layali Lebnan

1. Milch, Grieß, & Zucker in einen Topf geben, unter stänidigem Rühren, auf mittlerer Hitze aufkochen lassen, bis die Konsistenz verdickt ist.
2. Das Orangenblütenwasser hinzufügen und noch mehr 2 Minuten weiterkochen laseen.
3. Sie in euren Servierschüsseln gießen, und in den Kühlschrank abkühlen lassen.
* In der zwischenzeit bereitet ihr die Schlagsahne vor, und in den Kühlschrank abkühlen lassen.
4. Wenn der Pudding fest geworden, verbreitet ihr den arabischen Schlagsahne auf die Oberseite.
5. Direkt vor dem Servieren, Pistazien streuen, und mit Zuckersirup nieseln.

Genießen 🙂

Tipps von Kumin-

Layali Lubnan kann in kleine Tassen/Schüsseln befüllen oder nur einfach in einem Tablett servieren werden, und dann in Stücke schneiden. Der Pudding kann 3-5 Tagen im Kühlschrank halten, aber wenn du es beabsichtigst, es so lange zu halten, dann sollst du die Schlagsahne nicht sofort hinzufügen, sondern nur beim Servieren.

Kalt oder bei Raumtemperatur servieren. YUMMY!

Viel Spaß beim Nachmachen!

Eure Lana ❤

Layali Lebnan recipe

Layali Lebnan Rezept


86 comments on “Layali Lebnan

  1. This presents so well as an attractive dessert. Looking at the ingredients, it would also appeal to people with a real sweet tooth and I would like to give it a go at putting this together. Thanks for the clear instructions and the video.


    • You are most welcome! I’m so glad you liked it!! It’s super easy to prepare and tastes great!! Looking forward to hearing back from you once you try it!! wish you a happy day, Lana 🙂


    • Baklava is my favorite, it’s very tasty! and this one really is delicious! If you love middle eastern desserts, then this one should be on your list to try, you’ll definitely love it 🙂


  2. This looks absolutely divine! I love trying new dishes from other regions of the world and this is a dessert I had never heard of. I’m always up for any pudding type dish. Yum!!


  3. I’ve actually had Layali Lubnan before. I had a friend from Lebanon back in highschool that invited me to her house for dinner and they served this for dessert. It’s absolutely delicious and just love the pistachios.


    • That’s very nice to hear! Glad you’ve tried it before, and you liked it!! It really is delicious!! and now you can do it yourself! It’s super easy to prepare!! Thanks for your nice comment! 🙂


  4. What is orange blossom water? Is it water mixed with an extract from some orange coloured flower? Likewise, what is Arabic milk cream? Since the dish is vegetarian, I think I am going to like it. The way it is prepared and per your description, this Lebanese food looks inviting. )))


    • Orange blossom water is a scented water, distilled from bitter orange blossoms, which has lovely fragrance and flavour. It is particularly used as a great deal in Middle-Eastern recipes, especially the Arabic desserts.
      You can replace it with Vanilla extract.
      Here’s the link for the Arabic milk cream:
      It’s super easy to prepare and tastes great, you’ll definitely love it.
      Let me know how it turned out for you, once you try it, good luck, Lana 🙂


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