Ramadan Kareem

Islamic nation’s most desirable guest has finally arrived. The month of faith and purity is here to give us another chance to improve ourselves morally and to purify our hearts and minds.

Ramadan falls on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Following the birth and rebirth of the new moon. Ramadan shifts slowly from winter to summer and back again every decade or so.

Ramadan is best known around the globe as a holy month of fasting that represents one of the Five pillars of Islam. It’s a time of spirituality, self-reflection, and prayer that observed throughout the Muslim world.

Ramadan is the month in which Muslims around the world fast from dawn till sunset. The fast means no eating and no drinking throughout the day, but that is not all! Fasting means that the whole of you, body and soul, is fasting. Your hands are fasting, you can’t do harm or steal or hurt others. Your eyes are fasting, you are not allowed to watch anything inappropriate. Your tongue is fasting, you are not allowed to lie or gossip.

So Ramadan is meant to teach you that you’re in control, you can control your hunger, thirst, along with your anger, desires, and everything that you are!

Observing Ramadan is a spiritual and moral boot camp if you will. Fasting teaches you that if you set your mind to it, you can do anything.

What I love about Ramadan is that it’s a chance to slow down, step back and review the past year, on a personal and spiritual level. It’s also the month to reconnect with family and friends. Gathering for Iftar after a long day, sharing the experience and the lessons somehow brings everyone closer together.

Since this is the month of remembrance, reflection, reconciliation, and resilience, Muslim communities worldwide devoted the month to reciting as much Quran as possible, and attending nightly Taraweeh prayers at the mosque, in which the entirety of the Holy Book is completed thoroughly over a course of nearly 30 days. Although these are not obligatory rituals, there are massive spiritual points involved and the communal experience of Ramadan is heightened by participating in these nightly events.

For many, Ramadan is a time to distance themselves from the stresses and vices of daily life, and make more time for family and friends, spiritually and closer attention to religious principles. Faithful observers of the fast abstain from consuming any food or drink from the call to morning prayer at sunrise through to the call to prayer at sunset.

Inviting the spirituality of this month into our homes comes in many forms. Decorating is the most obvious one, walking down the streets, you can find colorful different lighting sparkling from every window and corner in a beautiful harmony. What a beautiful sight!

If you were ever to visit Syria in Ramadan, you will see streets, malls and homes decorated with lanterns and crescents. Those decorations are particularly beautiful to watch at night.

Your family and loved ones should be part of this holy month, sharing this special time of the year with them will make wonderful memories not to be forgotten. Plan a Ramadan welcoming party and invite your family for Iftar.

Have a blessed Ramadan and may all your prayers be answered.

May it be a month of healing and reawakening for all of us-


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Der wünschenswerteste Gast der Islamischen Nation ist endlich angekommen. Der Monat des Glaubens und der Reinheit ist hier, um uns eine andere Chance zu geben, uns moralisch zu verbessern und unsere Herzen und Gedanken zu reinigen.

Ramadan ist der neunte Monat im Islamischen Mondkalender. Ramadan verschiebt sich langsam von Winter zu Sommer und wieder zurück jedes Jahrzehnt oder so.

Ramadan ist am besten um den Globus als ein heiliger Monat des Fastens, der eine der fünf Säulen des Islam darstellt, bekannt. Es ist eine Zeit der Spiritualität, der Selbstreflexion und des Gebets, die in der muslimischen Welt beobachtet wurden.

Ramadan ist ein Monat, in dem Muslime aus aller Welt von Morgengrauen bis zum Sonnenuntergang fasten. Fasten bedeutet, dass der Muslim bzw. die Muslima nichts isst, nichts trinkt, allgemein also keine Nahrung zu sich nimmt. Der Muslim soll demnach im Ramadan noch mehr als sonst darauf achten sich gänzlich von Sünde freizuhalten d.h. nichts Verwerfliches bewusst anschauen, nichts Schlechtes reden, auf nichts Böses hören und nichts Verabscheuungswürdiges tun. So ist ein großer Nutzen des Monats Ramadan das Erlangen einer gewissen Selbstbeherrschung und Konzentration auf das Wesentliche. Fasten schärft das Gewissen und vergrössert die Widerstandskraft.

Was ich an Ramadan liebe, ist, dass es eine Chance ist, sich zu verlangsamen, zurückzugehen und das vergangene Jahr zu überprüfen. Die Muslime genießen auch das besondere Miteinander in der Familie und unter Freunden in Fastenmonat.

Da dies der Monat der Erinnerungen, Reflexion, Versöhnung, und Elastizität ist, widmen die Muslimischen Gemeinschaften weltweit dem Monat, um so viel Quran wie möglich zu rezitieren, und an den nächtlichen Taraweeh Gebets an der Moschee teilnehmen, in dem die Gesamtheit des Heiligen Buches gründlich über einen Kurs von fast 30 Tagen abgeschlossen ist.

Für viele, Ramadan ist ein Zeit, um sie sich von den Belastungen und Laster des Alltags zu distanzieren, und mehr Zeit für Familien und Freunden zu machen.Das Fasten, sein nicht nur religiöse Pflicht und körperliche Übung, sondern stärke auch den Geist und die Selbstdisziplin. Es gehe zu einen darum, seinen Konsumzwang zu zügeln, zum anderen aber auch darum, Empathie für Bedürftige zu entwickeln.

Der Spiritualität dieses Monats in unsere Häusern Einladend, kommt in vielen Formen. Die Dikoration ist die offensichtlichste, auf den Straßen spazieren, findet ihr bunte verschiedene Beleuchtung, die von jedem Fenster und Ecke in einer schönen Harmonie funkeln. Was für ein schöner Anblick! Wenn Sie jemals Syrien in Ramadan besuchen würden, sehen Sie Straßen, Einkaufszentren und Häuser, die mit Laternen und Crescents verziert sind. Diese Dekorationen sind besonders schön in der Nacht zu sehen.

Ihre Familie und Freunde sollten Teil dieses heiligen Monats sein. Und diese besondere Zeit des Jahres mit ihnen teilen, wird eine wunderbare Erinnerung nicht vergessen werden. Plant ihr eine Ramadan einladung Party, und ladet ihr eure Familie für Iftar ein.

Ich wünsche euch einen gesegneten Ramadan.

Eure Lana ❤


71 comments on “Ramadan Kareem

  1. This is a very educational post. I am Muslim and I agree that spending time at Iftar is one of the most blessed moments of the month. Thank you for sharing. Ameen to your dua and Ramadan Kareem to you as well!


  2. I live in Dubai and during the Holy Month there is no eating, drinking or smoking in public until after Iftar and no live music at all. But in recent years things have changed and now all you can eat and drink Friday brunches are carrying on, nightclubs are open as normal and most restaurants are still open in the day.

    It no longer feels like Ramadan, it used to be such a calm and peaceful month where everyone – Muslim or otherwise – would spend more time at each other’s houses, relaxing and socialising away from clubs and bars and the whole city had an air of calm. But a lot has changed in the last 25 years, the last few Ramadans we have had have been different, I think it’s to try and keep the tourists happy at the expense of this wonderfully peaceful month.

    I still take it as an opportunity to better myself and for the last three years I have taken on a challenge for the whole month that is based around my health.

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderfully written piece.

    Ramadan Kareem.


    • I do agree with you. in the last 25 years we have lost the warmth and spirituality of this holy month.

      Instead of being the month of forgiveness, devotion, and purity, it become more the month of bars, nightclubs and Arabic series!!

      But the best way, as you have mentioned above is to try to make better of ourselves, and focus on the good deeds that can help others during this blessed month.

      Thanks a lot for taking the take to type out all this beautiful, full of warm memories comment, really appreciate it.

      Ramadan Kareem to you as well & your beloved ones.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading! and no, it doesn’t have to be that difficult! it’s just how you set up your mind to it.. and if you start you will be amazed how easy it is to follow and will definitely enjoy it 🙂


  3. Lots of information here on Ramadan that I wasn’t aware of. I like the idea that its more about being in control rather than punishing the body through lack of food and drink.


    • Glad to spread info. 😉 definitely, Ramadan never meant to punish the body, but instead, it came to teach us how to control our body, to control our hunger, thirst, along with our anger, & desires!


  4. Not sure if you are doing Ramadan but if you do, I wish you the best of luck! We admire all of you for being able to do this for a whole month!


    • Thank you for your wishes, really appreciate it.
      But aside from being spiritual behavior or religious achievement, it’s has so much more to this, it’s not just healthy for the body & the soul, also it strengthen connections between people together!
      Fasting teaches the observer compassion for those who are needy, and teaches to practice restraint from worldly temptation!
      Thanks for reading, wish you a happy day 🙂


  5. It is fascinating to learn such in depth information about Ramadan. I liked the bit where one is supposed to fast with the tongue and not say negative things about others. It is a beautiful concept 🙂


    • Glad to spread info. 😉 and yes, that’s true, since fasting doesn’t just mean to fast from eating and drinking! but also to fast from doing any harm by mouth, eyes, hands, & all of the body! Thanks for reading and for this beautiful comment 🙂


  6. I think this is a lovely explanation of what Ramadan is all about. I have always wondered and it’s good to know how it is observed and why it is observed. It’s definitely a tradition that will allow you to get to know yourself and your spirituality better.


    • Definitely! walking down the streets to see those colorful different lighting sparkling from every window and corner in a beautiful harmony! It really is a beautiful sight to see and to photograph 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I really admire everyone for being able to fast and refrain from everything for a whole month. I didn’t know much about Ramadan but one of my new colleagues is doing it so I have been learning about it from her too.


    • Thank you so much for this lovely comment! But still, although we are fasting for a whole month, it’s just from dawn till sunset, which means after sunset we are able to eat and drink whatever we want! Glad to be able to spread some info about our beloved month. 🙂


  8. Ramadan is a little like Lent a christian fasting period here in Ireland except we are allowed drink water. Although that was years ago now you only give up something you really love to eat


  9. Wow, this is wonderfully written and so informative. Having many Muslim friends, it is a religion and culture that is very dear to me. Thank you for taking the time to allow other to know the beauty too.


    • Thank you so much for this lovely comment, it means a lot really.. I’m so glad to be able to spread some info.
      Thanks for you for taking the time and read it and for commenting.. wish you a happy day 🙂


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